Albury/Wodonga Adventist Church Reunion - Sunday 29th April 2012 from 10:30am

On the 29th April 2012, Albury and Wodonga Seventh-day Adventist Churches held a reunion at Border Christian College at Thurgoona, north of Albury.

The reunion was celebrating over 75 years of Adventist presence on the border of New South Wales and Victoria and approximately 300 people attended.

There were activities for the children, a HUGE pot luck lunch, a group photo of everyone in attendance, inspiring speeches, a slide show of historical photos, a timeline of the church that people could contribute to and the hearty singing of the dear old hymn – “When we all get to heaven”.

God blessed the occasion with many unique outcomes.

First and foremost there was the fellowship.
The renewed links with church family members.  

The occasion also attracted people from the community that were once part of, or in contact with, Adventist circles. This was one of the most important hopes for the reunion.

The documented history of the church in the area was fairly scant and by collating the combined knowledge of the attendees on the timeline, a far greater understanding of the local church’s history was recorded. It came to light that the Adventist presence on the border had exceeded the 75 years far more than originally thought when the first planning was done. It turned out to be closer to 89 years! Which only God can be praised for.

Another great outcome from the reunion was the outward display of the Spirit of God in the generosity of the time and resources church members gave in the cooking of food and setting up/packing up.

Albury and Wodonga Adventist Churches can only praise God that the 100th anniversary isn’t that far away and they can only but pray they serve the great Creator well until then.

The reunion was a terrific success that has inspired renewed relationships. Thank you to border Christian College for hosting the occasion.

Download a high res copy of the group photo here